Founded in 2014 and led by internationally award-winning creative director Ingrid Picanyol, our studio is based in Barcelona but we work with clients and collaborators throughout the world.

With a love for working with forward-thinking clients who understand the power and influence they can have, we help build brands that everyone (including us!) want to choose tomorrow.

Strategically, we thrive off being a team that deeply understands the needs of a client by bringing a cohesive brand ecosystem; branding, packaging, photography and web design. For us, the only way to win the attention and hold the affection of an audience is by meaningfully crafting a brand across all touchpoints in a holistic manner.

While all our projects are tailored to our clients, we always aim to align innovation within their business goals in a fresh, inclusive and environmentally responsible way.

Ingrid Picanyol Studio
Ingrid Picanyol Studio


  • Art Direction
  • Identity
  • Creative Concept
  • Book Design
  • Packaging
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Set Design


  • Patricia Urquiola MILAN
  • Miansai Inc MIAMI
  • Goa Organics BARCELONA
  • Antonio Puig SPAIN
  • Bahen & Co AUSTRALIA
  • Nandu Jubany BARCELONA
  • 27 87 BARCELONA
  • Callebaut BELGIUM
  • Oysho SPAIN
  • Ana Tichy BARCELONA
  • Inaya Lingerie PARIS
  • Visionario BARCELONA
  • Josep Maria Ribé VIC
  • Minuet BARCELONA
  • Safia Ayad PARIS
  • Laifworks Miami
  • Michael Saiger Miami
  • HiddenTrack Records Barcelona
  • El Mas Vell Masnou


  • FAD Gold Laus IDENTITY 2021
  • FAD Gold Laus FONT DESIGN 2021
  • FAD Silver Laus PACKAGING 2021
  • FAD Silver Laus PACKAGING 2021
  • FAD Bronze Laus POSTER DESIGN 2021
  • FAD Bronze Laus BOOK DESIGN 2021
  • FAD Bronze Laus PACKAGING 2020
  • German Design Awards. CAMPAIGN NOMN. 2020
  • FAD Bronze Laus ART DIRECTION 2019
  • FAD Bronze Laus POSTER DESIGN 2019
  • German Design Awards. PACKAGING NOMN. 2019
  • A' Design Awards. NOMN. 2017
  • German Design Awards. PACKAGING NOMN. 2017
  • Selected Festival "Stone and Wood". PACKAGING NOMN. 2017
  • German Design Awards. PACKAGING NOMN. 2016
  • EART Vic Award. LP DESIGN 2015
  • FAD Silver Laus PACKAGING AWARD 2015
  • FAD Bronze Laus LOGOTYPE AWARD 2014
  • Fedrigoni Selection. ART BOOK 2014


  • Warm up! FIU
  • Introducing Escola d'art i Disseny de Vic
  • Personal Branding ESDAP Barcelona
  • Portfolio Masterclass Escola Massana
  • Gender Perspective in Design Elisava
  • Brief Festival x Etapes Online
  • «New currents: trends among the works shortlisted for the awards» FAD
  • Ilustrafic Talks Universitat Politècnica València


Trav. de Dalt 34, entresòl 1a
08024 Barcelona