27 87

360º brand creation for 27 87.

Bringing the ancient art of perfumery into the modern age with 27 87.


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Photography


Barcelona based 27 87 set us the challenge of creating a bold identity and packaging concept for their first range of products. We would help them with a 360º design approach encompassing packaging and bottle designs; the branding, art direction, the brand website.

We wanted the identity to reflect the fact that the company makes perfumery the traditional way, combining the finest ingredients and high-quality craftsmanship, but also that they are modern in their outlook and approach.

For the bottle itself we were inspired by modern technological devices. The shape we created has blunted rectangle, characteristic of those designs. We were also inspired by the current generation with the graphic design of the entire collection. We choose the white minimalist designs to reflect a blank canvas that anyone can project their unrestricted imagination onto.   

For each different scent we developed a unique packaging concept: The mirror design for ‘Hashtag’ was to reflect the concept of ‘self’ as constructed in the world of social media. The blood red of 'elixir de bombe' aimed to convey passion and desire. And for 'wanderlust', we devised a colorful abstraction, designed by Device Studio, to evoke maps, movement and travel. Each design is unique and yet complimentary, which was also our overall aim for the collaboration with 27 87 Perfumes.

Modern, creative, passionate. Three more than obvious attributes shared by 27 87 and Ingrid. In other words, our collaboration was destined to succeed!!! Her keen eye for details and ability to analyse each project from a global angle has been crucial to integrate our story-telling into a visual piece of art.

Romy Kowalewski. Founder


  • Koldo Castillo
  • Leo Croma
  • Marçal Vaquer