Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Between the tracks

Hidden Track Records is a record label like no other. Loaded with attitude, these women don’t care about genre or gender, they just care about good music. Music that believes in itself. Our proposal had to transmit both the dynamism of these two musical entrepreneurs and the personality of the label they had established.

Capable of changing the paradigm of the music industry, Hidden Track Records is a non-binary, female-led record label that supports small labels and self-releasing artists. The project goes beyond being just a meeting point for artists and music products; in addition to offering advice and legal support, the label even dares to produce its own artists.

Whether consciously or not, we all react to visuals, and a well designed website impacts how your audience perceives your business. First impressions are everything. From this standpoint we understood that we had to produce a functional and intuitive digital environment that stood out from the crowd. Stepping away from a typically neutral design, which highlights the style of each artist, we wanted to communicate the essence of the brand itself.

Thanks to technological loopholes of the CD, cassette tape and LP record, bands used to be able to include hidden tracks between the main tracks on their analogue recordings. In some cases, music was left off the track listing, in other cases more elaborate methods or ‘production errors’ were the cause. This 90s fad meant a song could be included in such a way as to avoid detection by anyone not consciously searching for it. Of course, for many listeners, discovering hidden music became an absolute obsession. No surprise, then, why the label decided to take its name from this phenomenon.

Seeking a mix of freshness, contemporaneity and nostalgia, we developed a graphic identity based on a system of horizontal stripes. The stripes represent the tracks in an album; only by interacting with these stripes, can the user discover the key information hidden between them. A homage to a bygone musical era, the colour palette and typographic system is typical of cassettes tapes and other musical products of that time.

Graphic Design:
Tiago Campeã

Marc Permanyer

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