Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Exquisite scale

Artisan of elevated aesthetics, Miansai believes that beauty exists in the smallest of details. To capture the latest iteration of Miansai’s craftsmanship, we took this mantra quite literally, playing with proportions to evoke the surreal.

The models interact with giant pieces in a playful “scale exchange”, transforming each accessory into a playground upon which the models can sit, swing and slide from. For the second shoot, we turn this concept on its head: this time the pieces interact with giant fingers, evoking a sense of delicacy, precision and perfection. With the jewellery taken out of its natural context, we explore new realms of possibilities, limited only by one’s own imagination.

Art Direction:
Ingrid Picanyol

Rachael Saiger

Osniel Munguia

Mariana Macia

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction