Getting creative with chocolate for Callebaut.

We wanted to bring some creativity to Callebaut’s Christmas chocolate gift, so we set ourselves a puzzle to solve...


  • Product Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Art Direction

Each December, pastry chef, Josep Maria Ribe, comes up with a unique Christmas treat for couverture chocolate manufacturer Callebaut’s faithful clients.

The aim of this particular project, was to give Callebaut’s customers a unique tool to create something fun, unusual and surprising with chocolate. The gift strives to delight the recipient and to confound their expectations.

Josep Maria had the idea of creating 3D puzzles (much like the cardboard slot-together puzzles of our youth) but using chocolate instead of cardboard.

We decide to experiment with designs for three different animals: a giraffe, an elephant and a squirrel. The process was very complicated because chocolate is not like cardboard. Chocolate changes volume when it’s dried, for example. This was just one of the technical challenges we had to overcome to bring the project to fruition.

Finally, we found the formula and created the three plastic moulds and a packaging to compliment the designs. Callebaut’s customers received a Christmas gift which included the three plastic moulds and the DIY instructions to create the animals. A creative Christmas gift to remember.


  • Ivan Raga