Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Plural Nostalgia

“Vins de Pagesos i Pageses” is a plural tradition, producing natural wines in large quantities by combining various types and origins of grapes, just as it was done in the past. Our task was to bring the collective spirit of this tradition to life in graphic form.

Imagine you’re standing in the aisle of a supermarket looking for baked beans. Do you buy Heinz or do you opt for the other, lower-priced option? Most people would choose Heinz, but what if the second option was better quality?

Since the early 1990s brands have focused on producing messages rather than on what they actually produce. Brand strategies and narratives seeking to “create meaning” have become more important than the product itself, and this translates directly into the way we consume today: we buy brands rather than products.

The spirit of “Vins de Pagesos i Pageses” is positioned at exactly the opposite end of this trend: theirs is a good product, not just a good story. Or at least not a single story. The project aims to revitalize the consumption of locally produced quality wine without losing sight of its multiple origins. To develop the concept, we imagined a character who could personify the collective spirit of “Vins de Pagesos i Pageses”:

“We are aware of the importance of having a brand to be credible in today’s consumer society. But what really matters to us is making wine, producing litres and making a good living. Ours is a collective tradition. Do we need a logo? Well, we won’t have just one, nor will we have a single style to define us. This is a plural project, so we need to have many logos, each one inspired by the environment in which we grew up.”

Our approach was to identify a variety of authentic logos and repurpose them for “Vins de Pagesos i Pageses.” Set against a simple, white background, the logos are replicas of those that surrounded the local farms from when the “pagesos i pageses” were children up until today. They include graphics from tractors, soil chemicals, tobacco, and farm tools, as well as the ticket and coin graphics from the farmers’ union. The result? A plural identity, naturally.

Creative Direction:
Ingrid Picanyol

Graphic Design:
Tiago Campeã

  • Art Direction
  • Packaging