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Something old, something “nou”

Rescuing an extraordinary history, renewing a beachside haven and reviving an intimate relationship with the people of Masnou. A graphic identity to capture the historic essence of El Mas Vell, while celebrating the start of a new journey.

The “nou” Mas Vell is more than just a restaurant. It’s a lifestyle. Bursting with ideas and energy, the new team decided to expand the restaurant’s offering and present an innovative, hybrid format: Restaurant, Pizzeria, Brew pub and Coworking space.

El Mas Vell began its journey as Can Fontanills, a 14th century farmhouse. This historic and modernist seafront building, which dates back to at least 1375, was integrated by architect Bonaventura Bassegoda into the Casino complex of El Masnou during the years 1902-1904. Bassegoda restored the old farmhouse, preserving a large doorway and several other traditional Gothic features. Nowadays, the Mas Vell restaurant offers a wide outdoor dining area, the perfect sanctuary during the hot summer months.

The “nou” Mas Vell team saw an opportunity to create synergies and strengthen their relationship with the people of Masnou through a new graphic identity. A project for the people, our approach had to communicate shared values. We needed a fresh take that would value the building’s tradition.

We understand that typography gives personality to a project and creates a cohesive voice across all communications. After several days of research we decided to create a custom typeface inspired by the unique characteristics of Bonaventura Bassegoda’s calligraphy, which we discovered in several of his original architectural plans. Collaborating with typographer Noe Blanco, we developed an elegant yet dynamic typeface that pairs effortlessly and adapts seamlessly to the modular graphic system. Authentic, with a modernist twist.

The process of developing this new identity became a parallel journey with architect Stefano Colli. On a mission to pay homage to the iconic heritage of El Mas Vell, we decided to respect the existing architectural environment, rescuing traditional elements and, when that was not possible, incorporating elements that might seem to have been there before.

Font Designer:
Noe Blanco

FAD Gold Laus Identity 2021
FAD Gold Laus Font Design 2021

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