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The power of ‘90s nostalgia

A brand for dirty hair with a clean conscience, Goa Organics believes that great change starts with your head. The team behind this exciting brand, pride themselves on creating products that care for the planet as much as for their customer’s hair and they challenged us to build a cohesive and compelling brand to match. Our approach was to focus on the customer, transforming their perspective on haircare by creating an ecosystem filled with joy and nostalgia.

Goa Organics works with animal, human and planet friendly products that are not only vegan, but pure magic when it comes to hair maintenance. Its minimalist formulas provide soothing and enriching solutions to every hair-type, from thick and frizzy to fine or brittle hair. In addition to a line of vegan and non-animal tested hair products, Goa Organics uses corn instead of plastics for their packaging. Aware of the tough competition, the team was dead set on offering a pioneering alternative: a brand for dirty hair and clean consciences.

Our task was to create a comprehensive brand universe encompassing branding, copywriting, casting, styling, art direction, campaign creation and a full e-commerce website. We wanted to differentiate Goa in terms of quality, but we also set out to build a different kind of relationship between their customers and the haircare industry; through the power of good vibes.

Our target audience was people whose adolescence was marked by the 90s. For that reason we proposed an art direction that is full of references to that time. Inspired by the joyful spirit and wistful, hazy aesthetic of the era (a decade rich in cultural relevance for our 90s teen) we designed every touchpoint of Goa Organics with a trademark 90s pop-fresh voice, playing with the warmth, empathy and sense of nostalgia that this imaginary awakens in our audience.

Beyond rainbow gradients and playful stickers, another important creative decision was to incorporate a model with shaved hair into the campaign. The message was one of inclusivity and diversity: we wanted to communicate that Goa makes hair products, but does not defend any aesthetic canon over another. Besides, people with shaved heads also wash their hair, don’t they?

With the aim of creating a product line that contrasts with existing brands in the market, we created a minimal graphic language based on typography and color, avoiding the graphic stereotypes typical of the industry. A unique identity and bold graphic language ensures Goa Organics stands out in an extremely competitive sector, and we managed to avoid plastic, generating less CO2 emissions with a certified “CO2 zero” material that derives from sugarcane. The brand is in the process of expanding into the rest of Europe and the US.

FAD Silver Laus Packaging 2021

Model Photography
Xavier Carpio

Marc Permanyer

  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging
  • Website