Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Founded in 2014 and led by internationally award-winning creative director Ingrid Picanyol, our studio is based in Barcelona but we work with clients and collaborators throughout the world.

With a love for working with forward-thinking clients who understand the power and influence they can have, we help build brands that everyone (including us!) want to choose tomorrow.


Thanks for dropping in!

  • Updates: 27 April 2023
    BCN MCR 2023

    We were one of the speakers of the last BCN MCR ’23. A design event which took place in Manchester on April 21st – Organised by StudioDBD. Thanks for inviting us!

  • Updates: 11 February 2022
    Festival Paradis WDCV 2022

    The festival of design and creativity, curated by Yinsen Estudio, offers us a complete program of speeches to ascend to the Eden of creativity and inspiration

  • Updates: 13 December 2021
    ADCE Awards

    Happy to announce that we won a Silver ADC*E Award for the Brand Identity of El Masvell. The Art Directors Club of Europe Awards set the highest benchmark of creative excellence in Europe, thank you so much to the jury and the rest of the winners.

  • Updates: 12 October 2021
    Latent Fest

    Happy to be part of the first edition of the festival Latent with Veronica Fuerte (Hey Studio), Conrad Roset, Javier Jaen, Gimmewings, Lluc Massaguer, Pep Salazar, Anna Taratiel, Xavi Roca (Run), Maria Diamantes, among others.

  • Updates: 11 October 2021
    Graffica Awards Nomination

    Ingrid has been nominated for the Graffica Awards 2021 with other admired colleagues such has Curro Claret, Noe Blanco, Nuria Vila, Forma, PFP, Cristina Daura, Malika Favre or Júlia Solans, among others.

  • Updates: 5 October 2021

    This Friday I had the opportunity to share my work with a friendly audience. Eskerrik Asko Serifalaris!

  • Updates: 14 June 2021
    7 ADG Fad Laus

    After a very challenging year, we’re happy to announce that we won 7 awards at the ADG Fad Laus 2021!
    Thanks to all our clients and collaborators.

  • Updates: 9 March 2021
    Design Crush! with Stefano Colli

    On March 23 at 7 pm, Interior Designer Steffano Colli  and me will talk about creativity and collaborations, intuition and talent, present and future.