Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A graphic campaign story told through tribal paintings.

Exploring Patagonian culture and heritage for Torelló Mountain Film Festival 2018

We had the honour of managing the graphic campaign for the Torelló Mountain Film Festival 2018, one of the top mountain film festivals in the world.

The festival’s concept for 2018 was Patagonia. Using this as inspiration, we decided to create a visual system, not just a poster design, inspired by something specifically related to this region. Cinema tells stories, so we wanted this project to be an opportunity to tell a powerful story about this region and its history to the festival attendees.

That story we focused on was of the genocide of the Selknam tribe of Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. They were one of the last native groups in South America to encounter migrant Westerners in the late 19th century. The tribe’s most sacred ritual was the ‘hain’, where the adult males would be painted in red, black and white, and wear costumes of fur and bark, to resemble feared spirits.

To create the visual language of the campaign, we decided to reproduce the body paintings of this tribe. We saw ourselves as the conveyors of these images, rather than the creators, out of the respect for the tribe’s own artwork and its resonance and history.

The festival goers were interested in the designs and, once they discovered the meaning and story behind them, the effect was even more profound.

We wanted to turn the visual communication of the festival upside down and Ingrid made this possible. She and her team were able to clearly transmit how the Mountain Film Festival is much more than a film exhibition, but to became a global cultural activity.


FAD Bronze Laus Poster Design 2019

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