Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A new look for Miansai’s Men’s Lookbook.

Bauhaus inspired art direction for handcrafted jewelry designer, Miansai’s men’s range.

Miansai are a handcrafted jewelry maker from the US. They make unique and detailed designs, turning found materials into refined and timeless statement pieces. We have handled the art direction for many of their product ranges.

The aim of this project, focusing around Miansai’s range of men’s jewelry, was to find an element to create a range of styles of photography for each different jewelry product. By using white wood bars of different sizes we created several original compositions to display the products.

For this project’s concept we were inspired by the architecture of Bauhaus—both in terms of colour palette and the bars themselves. Also, through the use of lighting, we wanted to create a sophisticated outdoor feeling to the scene.

One of the key innovations for this projects was working with a resource in tha bars that gave us the possibility of create many different photographs while keeping coherence between all of them.

Michael Romero

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction