27 87

A new skin for a new fragrance.

Art direction for perfumery 27 87’s new fragrance, Genetic Bliss.


  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Photography

We were involved in creating the packaging and promotional photography for Genetic Bliss, the fifth sensory masterpiece from modern perfume brand 27 87.

Genetic Bliss explores the beauty of self-confidence, peculiarity and the abstraction of scent. It completely stands out from all previous 27 87 perfumes in that it uses synthetic ingredients instead of natural ones. Just as salt can enliven food’s flavour, the next generation molecules of Genetic Bliss refine your skin’s smell and also prolong the intensity of the existing 27 87 perfumes. We visually reflected the product’s uniqueness through the opposing bottle and packaging design: the white bottle turned black, enveloped in a monochrome wood-coloured box.

The objective was to create an artistic visual image that would reflect Genetic Bliss’ unique skin adaptive quality. We were inspired by the idea of ceramic and how it is a material where there is a connection between the final product and traces of skin from the product’s maker. This idea worked well alongside the colour palette and energy of the Antelope Canyon in America.

The result: a cinematographic scene created in collaboration with photographer Marçal Vaquer.

Set Photography

  • Marçal Vaquer

Set Assistant

  • Juan Carlos Cuellas

Packaging Photography

  • Leo Croma