Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A simple solution for sustainable soap

Do you find it hard to be perfect when it comes to the environment? So do Soluto – an environmentally conscious project created from scratch with the desire to change the way we buy soap. Born from the concept that refilling is the new recycling, Soluto has developed an ingenious approach to reusing bottles by mixing your own solution from a paper refill packet. Looking to make waves with their innovative system, Soluto got in touch with us to design their logo, as well as two types of packaging.

Soluto offers a simple solution to a big problem. Committed to the use of high quality natural ingredients, the reuse of packaging and the elimination of single-use plastic, the project reduces the environmental impact of personal care products without causing drastic changes to consumers’ hygiene habits. Since being #ZeroWaste is practically impossible, they set their sights on imperfect environmentalism – the desire to make small changes to daily life in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

For the logo concept, we asked ourselves what it is that people think of when they think of soap. The answer was quite simple: bubbles! That happy state that we all look for when scrubbing between our toes or behind our ears. Before coming across Soluto, you may not have even considered that a powder can in fact become a foam if mixed with water. Inspired by this concept, the logo is formed of six little bubbles joined together in a row. 

Many assume that Soluto’s envelopes are made from aluminium, but they are in fact made from recyclable paper. We opted for two colour combinations for the packaging – lime green paired with lavender and tropical green paired with pale pink. The palette gives a nod to the natural ingredients from which the powder is made, as well as to the rosy sheen that glistens on the edge of a bubble as it catches the light. A playful wave divides each packet in two and the simplicity of the layout lends a feeling of lightness to the overall design.