Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A surprise package for Oysho Jewelry.

Textile brand Oysho asked us to help their launch of Oysho Jewelry with a range of beautifully bespoke packaging.

The new range of jewelry from textile specialists Oysho features a collection of gold-plated jewels with natural stones in turquoise, coral and black. This was our starting point for inspiration for the packaging design.

Part of our brief was to handle the design of the press kit packaging announcing the brand’s jewelry expansion to the press. We decided to create a special gift to surprise and delight the most influential fashion directors from a range of international magazines.

The resulting packaging design invites recipients to discover the gold-plated jewel inside a white case which is camouflaged with a metallic paper (gold / silver). Gold becomes the main focal point, while the stitching has transformed the gift into an article of clothing with textile label, referencing both aspects of Oysho’s work.