Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A sweet treat to celebrate Lucky Luke’s 70th

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Lucky Luke, Ingrid Picanyol Studio collaborated with renowned Callebaut pastry chef, Josep Maria Ribé, to create a confectionary tribute to the beloved cartoon series.

Pastry chef, Josep Maria Ribé, is a master of experimentation. In his approach to chocolate dragees he has transformed this classic confectionery into a product full of imagination and possibility. Josep approached us to help him design a creative celebration for the 70th anniversary of the iconic comic ‘Lucky Luke’.

We decided we wanted to focus on the villainous Dalton Brothers. The four brothers (Joe, William, Jack and Averell) are characterised by their gradually decreasing height, which is inversely proportionate to their wickedness, age and intelligence.

For each character we developed a different packaging designs, in varying sizes as with the characters, to compliment the recipes that Josep was developing for them. For instance, for Joe—the leader of the gang (also the shortest and smartest of the brothers)—Josep’s recipe included: caramelized rice crisp, dark chocolate and ginger. The flavour and our designs aimed to capture something of each characters’ personality while resonating with fans of the classic comics.