Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

A vibrant new flavour for chocolate experts Bahen&Co

Our rebrand for Australian chocolatiers Bahen&Co used their star product—their chocolate bar—as the starting point. We decided to update the designs and give their wrappers a fresh new look.

Based out of their farm in Margaret River—Western Australia, Bahen&Co is a family run business that utilises the natural resources of its unique location.

The region’s natural beauty and strong community spirit can be felt across their range of chocolate goods, from delectable drinking chocolate and beautiful enrobed and coated products to their signature chocolate bars.

In order to create a more contemporary feel for their bars, we proposed a colourful new set of designs—giving each flavour its own unique look—without losing the sense of a collection.

To maintain consistency with the previous design, we decided to keep the characteristic white label which has become a signature for the brand.

This family of products is growing day-by-day, providing us with a never-ending (but delicious!) challenge to constantly come up with fresh creative ideas