Nico Roig

Astral artwork exploration with Nico Roig.

Nico Roig’s Vol. 71 takes the listener on an aural astral journey. We wanted its artwork to evoke that same atmosphere of exploration and wonder.


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging Design

As a musician Nico Roig effortlessly manages to create atmospheres. On Vol.71 he invites the listener to take part in some sonic stargazing. In fact, as the record progresses, the sounds develop and we experience different atmospheres, almost different gravities. We wanted the artwork to also have this fluid and celestial quality.

The front cover of the record is a portrait of the artist in a first-quarter moon phase (by the photographer Laia Gutiérrez). By turning the LP wheel, of our design, the listener can actually discover their weight on other planets. The composition of the lyrics and text on the record sleeve is inspired by a starry sky at night. And when the listener removes the vinyl, they can observe the changing moon phases.

If you want to discover your weight in Jupiter, the Gibbous moon shape or travel to another dimension from your home, visit: