Patricia Urquiola

Balance, equilibrium and clarity for Patricia Urquiola.

Finding aquatic equilibrium with Six N. Five for Patricia Urquiola.


  • Editorial Design

This project was a collaboration with the studio Six N. Five, who directed the project. Our role involved helping the team in building the catalogue for world renowned architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola.

Our task for this project was to understand both the concept of the collection but also the concept that Six. N. Five had created with their photography of Urquiola’s work. All the images that they created were inspired by the concept of exploring as many ways of showing water as possible. Our role was to find a typographic language and system to fit these images.

Our aim was to keep the pages as clean as possible, to highlight the stunning images. During the development of the project we became obsessed by the idea of balance. The end result plays with this idea. The text compositions are always balanced and organised by symmetry with the center of the sleeve, helping to effectively showcase Patricia Urquiola’s work.

Art Direction

  • Six & Five
  • Patricia Urquiola

3D Design

  • Pedro
  • Veneziano

Editorial Design

  • Studio Ingrid Picanyol

Set Design

  • Six & Five