Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Bottling the spirit of dignity and collaboration

Còsmic Vinyaters were looking for an alternative label for their latest bottle of wine. They needed it to signify both their approach to the craft of winemaking, their connection with the land, and the farmer who they helped in the process.

Catalan wine experts Còsmic Vinyaters grow their grapes in two very different locations – Alt Empordà and Baix Penedès. They believe in making wine based on their passion for winemaking, the trust they have with the land and the courage they get when they create a new product.

Their latest wine was produced using land belonging not to them but another farmer called Salva, whose hardships in recent years had caused him to sell his grapes to his customers. For this reason, Còsmic wanted to create a bond with Salva, both honouring his work and giving him the prestige that he deserved.

They commissioned us to design the label for this new wine and our approach was inspired by sacred symbolism such as the flower of life. The imagery symbolises the connection between the different entities involved throughout the process – the winemakers, the farmer, Còsmic Vinyaters and of course Studio Ingrid Picanyol as well.

In order for the bottle to show off the wine itself, rather than hidden behind a paper label, we decided to screen print the design, creating an almost naked bottle in the process.

Còsmic Vinyaters turned Salva’s problem into an opportunity and we came up with a concept that conveyed the truth, purity, and dignity returned to him through the act of producing the wine.