Christmas confection for sharing.

We collaborated with renowned pastry chef, Josep Maria Ribe, to create a special Christmas gift for Callebaut’s loyal customers.


  • Concept
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction

Every festive season, Josep Maria Ribe, create a special gift for couverture chocolate manufacturer, Callebaut’s most loyal customers. The gift is always something surprising. Sometimes it’s a tool to create something with the actual chocolate, for instance the 3D chocolate animal puzzles we collaborated on in 2016.

For this project, the aim was to create a gift box of three turrón moulds. Josep Maria worked on three different recipes, each with a different flavour, and we worked on concepts of presenting these in a paper box.

Turróns are a classic Christmas confection in Southern Europe—one you will find at all family dinners. They are made to be shared. Everyone sitting at the table will divide them up and pass them around. This became our main concept. If turróns exist to be shared, we wanted to invite Callebaut’s customer to share them!

With this in mind, we developed the artwork in the shape of a curved turrón, divided into eight different strips. We also played with the idea of Sharing (compartir) with the design of the cover and the back of the packaging. The cover is the turrón shape before it’s divided, and the back is the shapes once it’s been divided. After all, sharing is caring.

Pack Photography

  • Leo Croma

Turron Photography

  • Ivan Raga