Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Developing a signature for Ana Tichy.

Barcelona based fashion designers, Ana Rodriguez and Alberto Alto, wanted a brand logo to represent their vibrant new clothing line Ana Tichy. We worked closely with them to develop a distinctive signature for the brand.

At their workshop, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood, the team behind Ana Tichy have been designing a range of urban women’s garments characterised by their colourful, intricately-detailed patterned designs. These patterns often have a playful narrative; each telling its own story.

The challenge they set us was to design a brand logo which would compliment these designs. A brand logo is meant to tell you something about the brand; what it represents, its values and its story. The main concept of the logo was to create an outline logo as a contrast to Ana Tichy’s speciality: patterns. As their patterns and colours are their signature, we decided that choosing one pattern or design would be too narrow. Instead, we chose to leave the logo ‘empty.’ Something that would work for all their designs.

The minimalist signature logo we made for Ana Tichy aimed to express the brand’s sincerity, its honesty and the quality of its products.

Koldo Castillo

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