Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Discovering Mas Gori: A Journey through Time and People

Enlaire Vins, a vineyard steeped in history, nestled amidst ancient terraced vineyards and dedicated to organic agriculture, crafts still and sparkling wines from indigenous grape varieties. With a commitment to encapsulate the soul of Enlaire Vins in every label, Ingrid Picanyol and Albert Porta took on the challenge of distilling the essence of this storied vineyard into a visual narrative.

Enlaire Vins has embarked on a journey to redefine the visual identity of its wines collection, a project entrusted to the minds of Ingrid Picanyol and Albert Porta. During their visit to the vineyard, spending hours with Mar and Lluís, the founders of Enlaire Vins, a captivating chapter unfolded. At the close of that day, Mar revealed a treasure chest containing a myriad of objects collected from those who once called Mas Gori home, preceding their stewardship. 

Uncertain of the reasons behind preserving these artifacts, Mar felt a deep connection to the historical significance they held within the walls of Mas Gori. To narrate the tale of Mas Gori and Enlaire Vins, a decision was made to carefully select objects from Mar’s treasure chest, combined with items from the current Enlaire Vins family. These artifacts, bearing witness to the lives that unfolded within Mas Gori, now find a new purpose becoming the face and name of the wines, bridging the past with the present. 

In collaboration with Ingrid Picanyol and Albert Porta, this label redesign captures the essence of Enlaire Vins by intertwining the tangible history of Mas Gori with the present-day vineyards. Each label serves as a window into the lives and stories of those who once inhabited these walls, creating a unique and meaningful connection between Enlaire Vins and its rich heritage.

For over four hundred years, it has stood tall, and some vineyards admire how deeply rooted it is. Cal Gori now welcomes a new family that, to share this place with the world, decides to bring together things that represent them with those of those who are no longer here. Enlaire Vins is just a new chapter in the history of the farmhouse. Past, present, and future coexisting in a single plot.

Concept and Design:
Ingrid Picanyol and Albert Porta

Ingrid Picanyol

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging