Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Exploring Mexican vibrancy with Luís Barragán.

A trip to Mexico City inspired a visual tribute to the iconic architectural work of Luís Barragán.

Luís Barragán’s bold and colourful buildings in Mexico City have had a massive influence on the visual and conceptual thinking in modern architecture, and on the wider design community.

In 2016 we were lucky enough to take Ingrid Picanyol Studio over to the Mexican capital for four months. During this time the work of Luís Barragán had a profound influence on us. We wanted to create work inspired by Barragán as a tribute to this great visionary.

We become obsessed with finding a way to visually represent the landscapes of his work using geometric shapes and bright colours. We looked at the whole cannon of Barragán’s work and aimed to create abstract visual compositions based on this work.

What has been very rewarding is how much response we got from our own community from this projects—with people from around the globe ordering the prints we designed. We hope this means it was a successful tribute to Luís Barragán, as well as a fond memento of our time in Mexico!

Selected Festival “Stone and Wood” Nomination

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