Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

For the Love of Sweet Things

Morreig means ‘french kiss’ in catalan, but it’s also a briocheria and ice cream parlour in the heart of Gracia. With products that stand out for their originality, they wanted to be perceived as a reliable, authentic and innovative brand. The team commissioned us to develop a graphic identity that would identify their new business and transmit their values: creativity, innovation, quality and commitment to the environment.

Morreig is an unforgettable name that refers to the product in an original way. Beyond eating, Morreig isn’t just about enjoying something sweet. It evokes an amorous relationship between brioche and ice cream. It is love, it is passion, it is the kiss of life. We loved this irreverent and provocative name, created in collaboration with Usted Agency, and came to the conclusion that its impact would be enhanced if the visual identity paddled towards the other extreme. 

We decided to revisit the graphic language of traditional Catalan and French ‘patisseries’, places with common design features that generate confidence in their products. We imagined Mendl’s store from Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ as the ideal place for such an original and playful name. In a place like this, you can expect quality specialties.

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement with a powerful presence in both France and Catalunya; both are also renowned for a culture of decadent desserts and pastries. The ornamental motifs of the Art Nouveau era provided the opportunity to create stylized graphic compositions for use across Morreig’s brand communications, just as it would have traditionally been done. Furthermore, the typical handwritten calligraphy echoed the sinuosity of the product, the raw ingredients and swirling finishes. 

For the logo and decorative texts, we chose Flemish Script II to capture the flowing line and joyful spirit of the era, introducing Neue Haas Grotesk Display 55 Roman as a secondary font for informative use. In terms of colour palette, we paired an organic moss-green with a creamy white. As the colour most commonly found in nature, the green conveys a sense of tranquillity as well as the brand’s commitment to the environment. More sustainable than kraft, the white paperboard offers a contemporary look and feel to the graphic rollout.

Naming: Usted
Interior Design: Lacabanya Design

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging