Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Frozen dreams

Shhh. Santa’s coming… Christmas is all about believing. It’s no surprise then that Santa waits until you’re asleep before silently dropping down the chimney to slip something special under the tree. This year, we decided to bring the magic of Christmas to life with our own whimsical take on Santa’s secret visits.

As always, our aim was to connect Miansai with the Christmas season while avoiding the obvious chichés. Rather than the traditional bearded character dressed in red, Santa displays a pearly-white glove from an elegant sleeve that’s iced with silk and dusted with feathers. The models rest their weary heads on their hands, dreaming, while Santa delicately places the last piece of jewellery on their graceful necks, soft wrists and gentle fingers. Without a face or body, this Santa transforms into a supernatural presence, glittering with an other-worldly glow in contrast with the black silk adorning the sleeping models.

When we think of Lapland, we imagine a winter wonderland with log cabins, smoking chimneys, towering pine trees and endless snow. This new campaign explores Santa’s universe by taking the traditional motifs and abstracting them. For the still life series, we created an array of foam totems, reminiscent of the frozen landscapes of Santa’s Finnish home. For the fine collection series, we positioned the pieces among various compositions of frosted glass, the range of textures evoking an arctic paradise of frozen lakes, icebergs, glaciers and crevasses.

Osniel Munguia

Assistant & Producer
Mariana Macia

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction