Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Literary Treasures

This campaign not only captures the essence of adornment but elevates it into a storytelling symphony, where each volume becomes a portal into the meticulous care, geological origins, ancestral heritage, and mythical narratives woven into the timeless brilliance of jewelry.

In this “Literary Treasures” Campaign, we trascend traditional boundaries by merging the realms of creativity and graphic design to birth a captivating collection of four encyclopedias. Each volume stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and information.

The first installment, “Eternal Shine,” becomes a guide to the meticulous care and maintenance of jewelry, unveiling the secrets to preserving the timeless allure of precious adornments. “Gems of the Earth,” the second volume, embarks on a journey through geological wonders, tracing the intricate origins of these gems from the heart of the Earth itself. “Ancestral Splendors,” the third opus, unravels the rich tapestry of ancestral jewelry, intertwining cultural heritage with aesthetic expression. Closing the series, “Mythical Shines,” the fourth and final volume, delves into the ethereal world of mythology and folklore, showcasing how jewelry transcends mere ornamentation to become a vessel for mythical tales and legendary splendors. “Radiant Chronicles” invites you to explore the profound narratives etched in every facet, creating a visual odyssey that celebrates the enduring brilliance of jewelry across time and culture.

Creative & Art Direction:
Studio Ingrid Picanyol

Model Photographer:
Nicholas Scarpinato

3D Art:
Fede Kanno

Rachael Saiger

Mariana Macia

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction