Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Neon Desert

Miansai’s latest collection radiates a sense of effortless California cool. A unique collaboration with Los Angeles-based style icon and designer influencer, Everett Williams, gives rise to an eccentric and whimsical collection inspired by Palm Springs and other desert iconography. Tasked with creating a series of videos to present the new collection, we designed a series of sets inspired by the desert and brought to life by the neon lights of electronic music festivals.

Miansai x Everett features a selection of easy-to-wear necklaces, rings and earrings, all with plenty of kitsch. Art Deco influences can be seen in the retro shapes of the pieces, such as the geometric interpretation of a cactus, enhanced by rich green gemstones. A nostalgic design paired with premium materials, the look is decidedly Miansai: refreshingly minimalist with pops of colour and counterculture touches. 

Echoing the theme of modern oasis, we created a series of desert-inspired sets featuring typical natural elements set against the backdrop of desolate landscapes. Some pieces drape languidly over rocks and cacti, while others hang loosely from above, reflected in a shimmering oasis. The opulent green and gold of the jewellery is enhanced by a transitioning of pink and purple neon lights, evoking the alluring glow of a music festival on a hot summer night.

3D Art:
Fede Kanno

  • Art Direction