Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Purity and sin explored in culinary creation.

Ingrid Picanyol Studio worked in collaboration with LaGranja Design to create Pur | Impur, a new heaven and hell inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in Barcelona for the renowned chef, Nandu Jubany.

The restaurant is spread over two floors: dining on the ground floor and a cocktail bar in the basement. It was important to communicate that both levels were connected and created under the same philosophy, so both needed to share elements of the same visual language and name.

We began with focusing on the restaurant during the naming process. The concept of the restaurant is to retain the purity of the products as much as possible, so we decided on the name PUR (meaning pure) and this led us naturally to the name IMPUR (meaning impure) for the cocktail bar, as reference to the impure desires you have for the alcoholic temptations in the basement!

The logo we created uses a subtle semi-circle to represent an angel’s halo in the PUR logo and then transforms to represent devil horns in IMPUR. Continuing with this theme for the colour palette, we worked with white and pure colours for the restaurant and red (representing hell) for the cocktail bar.

Design is a teamwork. Ingrid isn’t just good as a designer,
she’s good at listening too


In collaboration with the paper artist Raya Sader, we created different wallpapers where the design gives the sensation that the walls are covered with paper versions of the Pur cuisine products.

Interior Design
Lagranja Design

Paper Artwork
Raya Sader Bujana

Leo Croma

  • Brand Identity