Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Ritual illusion

Rituals help you to slow down, to contemplate, and to find beauty and joy in the smallest of things. Characterised by sequence, repetition, symbolism and performance, they evoke a sense of mysticism, community, and often an association with the occult. This latest campaign for Miansai uncovers the curiosity and creativity of ritual.

For the model campaign, the idea was to create a surreal scenario where the pieces become the protagonists and the excuse for a series of ceremonial formations. Playing with dimensions and proportions, we imbue each piece with a kind of mystic spirit as the models interact with them, performing together in ritualistic sequence. The result is enchanting, a contemporary expression that takes the products into a higher realm.

Candles, the typical accoutrement of any ritual, are imbued with an unseen energy. Their warmth and light can only be released once the flame is ignited. For the still life campaign we created a series of compositions with a variety of different candles. Traditional, twisted, fluted and organic, each arrangement provides a minimalist setting with an aesthetic purity from which Miansai’s collection can shine.

For the video campaign, we wanted to generate a connection between the viewer and model, a sense of community as if in the inner circle of a ritualistic performance. A talisman is an object charged with positive energy; you wear it and keep it with you, always. The videos transfer a certain value to each Miansai piece through the hypnotic effect of movement and repetition, recreating the ritual of the talisman.

Art Direction:
Ingrid Picanyol

Nicholas Scarpinato

Rachael Saiger

Mariana Macia

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction