Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Seeing scents with 27 87.

Showcasing five different perfumes by 27 87 through the power of photography.

We regularly collaborate with perfumery brand 27 87 on all their creative decisions and for this campaign, we were in charge of creating the art direction for the photographs to portray the ingredients used in five individual scents.

27 87 believe in “bringing the ancient art of perfumery to the 21st century” and so we wanted to create a series of distinctive images that describe the ingredients of the perfumes along with the contemporary character of the brand. We were keen to avoid the typical image of a bottle surrounded by the ingredients.

Working with photographer Marçal Vaquer, we created a visual system to bring coherence to the whole series, whilst also allowing each scent to transmit its unique fragrance using the colour palette of the packaging.

The result: each perfume bottle is surrounded by an abstract pattern created by a material that reflects its ingredients. It portrays a distorted digital feeling, though created physically with material and with the minimum postproduction.

Marçal Vaquer

Juan Carlos Cuellas

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction