Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Suspended sculptures

Alexander Calder changed the course of modern art with his three-dimensional kinetic sculptures. Resonating with the principles of Futurism, Constructivism, and non-objective painting, Calder’s mobiles consist of boldly colored abstract shapes made from industrial materials and carefully weighted to hang in lyrical balance. Inspired by his work, our latest Miansai proposal delves into the delicate, deconstructed nature of his unique creations.

For the model shoot, we used Photoshop to create collage-like compositions, layering different parts of the models’ faces, hands and bodies to form a series of surreal portraits. Moving away from the static nature of a single image, complementary and opposing forces come together to create a plural and dynamic form of beauty in motion. Glittering against the models’ skin, the Miansai pieces are highlighted by simple black styling and a muted grey background. 

For the still life campaign, we created a series of digital mobiles in Photoshop, using black thread and gold bars to resemble the supports from which the pieces of a Calder mobile might hang. Each design is unique, its geometric silhouette resonating with an exquisite sense of balance and harmony. Developed in 3D, we animated the pieces to give the impression that the mobile is swaying in a light breeze.

Creative & Art Direction:
Ingrid Picanyol

3D images:
Ricardo Rey

Model Photographer:
Nicholas Scarpinato

Still Life Photographer:
Osniel Munguia

Rachael Saiger

Mariana Macia

Make up:
Dominique Lerma

Rolando Aqui

  • Art Direction