Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Take a trip on the wild side with Aristocrazy’s new fragrances

Puig commissioned us to create the art direction for a new set of fragrances from the established jewellery brand Aristocrazy. We used minimalism, elegance and the animal kingdom as our inspirations for this project.

Taking the perfume bottle’s striped plug as our starting point, we came up with the idea of a folding fan motif, which could be utilised in different ways.

Each fragrance would be associated with an animal and each uses this core visual element to reinforce their individual quality. The lion represents dominance, the chameleon projects camouflage, and finally the butterfly suggests lightness.

In addition we used photography to create a distinctive set of images that highlight the ingredients of the fragrances. These compositions give the often mysterious olfactive notes a sophisticated visual style unique to each fragrance.

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