Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Telling the story of Catalan natural wine project Amor Per La Terra with love and friendship.

“Amor per la terra” means “Love for the Land” in Catalan. This was at the core of their new branding which takes the form of a travel journal exploring the wine’s journey from the land to the bottle.

Jaume Jordà, Salvador Batlle and Xavi Rutia are three friends with a passion for wine culture. The idea behind their “amor per la terra” project is to take care of the ground and the people who work it.

The main character in a wine narrative is often the farmer, however they wanted to include someone from each stage of the production – from the creators to the farmer, the winegrower and the carrier all the way to the illustrator and designer of the wine label.

The labels are different for each wine, using a natural and sincere voice to tell the story behind its production. Collaborating with illustrator Olga Capdevila, the labels take the form of travel journals based on real life conversations taken from Amor Per La Terra’s WhatsApp conversations – giving them a genuine and honest feel.

Their new branding provides a stark contrast to the prescriptive nature of most wine labels. This contrast allows the wine to stand out as an example of how a natural wine can be free and spontaneous at the same time as elegant and eye-catching.

FAD Silver Laus Packaging 2021

Olga Capdevila

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging