Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

The look of summer, the taste of winter.

In celebration of the festive season, Ingrid Picanyol Studio created a twist on a classic Christmas confection: the turrón.

We designed this original take on the turrón—a festive favourite in Southern Europe—as a unique gift for our most important collaborators…our clients.

Inspired by the idea of ‘identity changes’, we created a winter turrón in the form of a summer ice-cream. The design and the packaging aimed to pose the questions:
– What if we don’t do what people expect?

Our turrón was created exclusively by renowned pastry chef, Josep Maria Ribé, who used hazelnut praline, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, grated mandarin and jasmine essential oils in his recipe.

The project is the embodiment of the aesthetic and ideology of our studio; a sophisticated and distinctive vision that follows a strong concept, surprising and seducing those who encounter it.