Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

The many faces of cardboard

We often underestimate the everyday things we come into contact with. If you look closely, there is a hidden beauty in everything – even in something as ordinary as cardboard. Whether you use it for shipping or crafts, cardboard has infinite potential. An empty cardboard box or sheet is an intermediate state or condition. With nothing inside or imprinted upon its surface, it waits – at any moment to be filled with new things.

For the latest Miansai campaign, we unfold the beauty of cardboard, creating a range of unique settings and original compositions that shed new light on each piece and allow for a range of different photography styles. For the model shoot, the models appear surrounded by cardboard boxes as if they were packing large scale jewellery orders. There is a surreal yet subtle component as they interact with the oversized pieces. 

Beyond its practical and environmental qualities, we often fail to notice the aesthetic potential of cardboard. Its organic texture and brown hue embodies the power of nature while its versatility allows for endless exploration. For the still life campaign, we experiment with a range of sets created with different types of cardboard, manipulated into various shapes. Flat, corrugated or honeycomb, the delicacy of the pieces contrasts with the coarse and unrefined nature of the material. 

Likewise, for the video campaign, the models rotate in front of a wall of open boxes that forms a lattice of textures. Styled in the colours of autumn fruits, they complement the natural hue of the cardboard backdrop with an additional layer of richness and warmth.

Creative & Art Direction:
Ingrid Picanyol

Model Photographer:
Nicholas Scarpinato

Still Life 3D Images:
Sally Reynolds

Rachael Saiger

Mariana Macia

  • Art Direction