Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Turning a publication into a piece of art.

Creating an unusual exhibition catalogue for artist Sama Genís.

Sama Genís is a Barcelona based artist who works with clay. She approached us to design the catalogue to accompany her biggest solo exhibition “traçabilitats”.
We handled all the design elements for this project—from production and photography to the editorial design and poster.

For the design we wanted to create something which reflected Sama Genís’ work. We developed the idea of making a book as a ceramic piece. Everything would be white and we would use special type of paper for the cover.

Each of her art pieces has its own folded page, where the reader can discover all the elements that have inspired the artist to create the piece. Many of these were objects from nature.

We didn’t want this to be a traditional book, so we broke the typical structure of a book and inserted the index in the center of the book, not at the beginning as is conventional.

Additionally, all the photos of the art pieces are displayed as if they were elements of the nature by abstract organic shapes.

Finally, the book has a rubber band to connect to an artist’s notebook, another touch designed to surprise and enchant the reader.