Ingrid Picanyol Studio.

Visually bringing to life Carla’s second album ‘Kill a feeling’.

‘Kill a Feeling’ expresses the need to put an end to nostalgic feelings. It was for us to help tell this story in a physical form.

Discussing the music with Carla Serrat, we came to the conclusion that every song on her album acts as a form of archive, transcending into her personal experiences. With this in mind, we decided to represent each song as an abstract gunshot — a visual representation of killing something (in this case, a feeling).

A distinctive visual language was created to match the nocturnal cover portrait, accompanied by a popping colour palette reminiscent of neon lighting. A red vinyl heart was placed in the centre of this record that bleeds Serrat’s unique style of enticing electronic pop.

Cover Picture
Igor Volkov

  • Packaging